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houston house buyers

When my grandmother passed away, she left me her home. I had always loved her home, and she always told me she was going to leave it to me, which she did. However, this was after I had already bought my home. I had been living in my house for around five years when she passed away, and I wanted to see what my husband wanted to do about the home she left for me. I wanted to move into it because it was nicer than our home and our home needed a good bit of work. I told my husband how I felt about our home and he agreed that we should move into my grandmother’s house. He said that he like it more than the house we lived in now. Since it was given to us and we wouldn’t need to pay a house payment any longer, it would be the best choice. We just weren’t sure what to do with our home.

We racked our brains thinking about if we should get rid of our home or not. We went back and forth with fixing it up to sell it or maybe renting it out. We didn’t want to put lots of money into it to sell it, and neither one of us had the time to work on it ourselves. We came across a friend of ours that was in the process of getting divorced and needed a home to rent. We discussed letting her live in the home and paying us to rent every month, at least enough to cover the house payment. We decided to let her move in, but we also let her know that it needed work and what was wrong with it. She was okay with the problems it had. They were minor issues like a roof leak and leaky pipes. She said she would deal with those things as she lived there.

houston home  buyersAfter a few months of living in the home, she started to get behind on the rent. This left us with paying the house payment and put us out the money to pay it. She kept promising to pay on time, but it just wasn’t happening.

My husband and I talked about selling the home outright so we could get rid of both the rental property and the payment. Since it did need so much work, we weren’t crazy about going through a realtor and started looking for Houston house buyers to buy our home. We just wanted enough money to pay off the loan and move on from it. I searched around for Houston house buyers and called different companies to see what they would offer us for the home. The different companies came and looked at it in person and gave us offers on the home. We decided to sell our home to the company with the larger offer and were able to pay off our loan soon after that.

Found Houston House Buyers To Buy My Home