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Before we talk about whether or not there is such a thing as ADA inspection software, let us first talk about the ADA. The “ADA” in “ADA inspection software” means American Disabilities Act. To those who don’t know, it is a federal law that requires ALL buildings in the United States to be more accessible to people with disabilities.

But what makes a building accessible? While having a toilet for people with disabilities is the most obvious, the law also requires accessible entryways, corridors, among others. Because it was not written as a building code, there are many architects who actually struggle with ADA compliance, making it necessary to hire an ADA consultant or ADA inspector who would have an inspection software, which helps the consultant or inspector assess a building.

Based on our research,there is no such thing as an inspection made only for ADA compliance. What is available in the market is a general software that has several templates in it, and one of these templates is ADA compliance. There would be other templates like the standard commercial template, multi-family template for hotels, ASTM style template for commercial buildings, But these are not the only features you will find in a software.

If you are a building owner, you do not need to buy or much less try any software. Only licensed people can use the templates although nobody is ever going to stop you from taking a peek. If you want to know if your building is compliant without handling any software, there are websites out there that offer surveys that you can click and click page after page to determine, at the end of the survey, whether or not you pass the ADA compliance test. Here is one link to this software:

Still, if you need to buy a software, you might be wondering how much it costs. We looked at one website and found that the software they offer costs $1,000. With the software, you get a PC version and a smartphone version. With a mobile version, you can inspect a building and build a report at the same time. This can increase the number of buildings you can inspect in a given day.

More About The ADA

The ADA is a federal law that was enacted over 20 years ago in 1990. It is a complaint-driven law, meaning that there are no government agencies that are enforcing it. As a federal law, your local building code office is not allowed to approve plans for compliance with the ADA guidelines. For some, it seems like a good reason not to follow the law, especially if the building in question is an old building that needs to be retrofitted.

However, you should know that not following the law can become an expensive undertaking especially when a person with a disability files a complaint before the US Department of Justice or with the federal court. And we all know how much people like to sue in this country.

Is There Such A Thing As ADA Inspection Software?
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